Follow these steps to discover the past:

1. Meet with your team of 4 or 5 and choose your roles: medical examiner, reporter, archaeologist, professor, or historian
2. Print out these questions and record your responses as you visit your assigned site.
3. Each team member will visit the job site listed below.

The medical examiner will visit Mysteries of Egypt: Tutankhamun

The reporter will visit The Mysterious Death of King Tut

The archaeologist will visit : The Who Killed King Tut?

The history professor will visit Who killed Tut?

The historian (optional) will visit Tutankhamun's Life

  • Meet back up with your teammates and discuss your findings.
  • You must decide as a team if King Tut was murdered.
  • You will now need to write a persuasive essay to answer the question: Was King Tut murdered? You must use your findings as evidence in your essay to get people to believe your side!!
  • If you need help on writing a persuasive essay click here.