Your team must gain as much knowledge about King Tut and the circumstances surrounding his death as possible.

Each person in your team will have a job listed below:
  • medical examiner
  • a reporter
  • an archaeologist
  • a history professor
  • a historian (if you have an extra team member)

Each member of the team will visit a site (on the process page) and respond to the following questions:

1. How old was King Tut when he died?
2. Does the author suggest any foul play?
3. What information did you find concerning his death?
4. Who (if anybody) does the author suggest may have killed him?
5. Who ruled after King Tut?
6. Is this site a reliable source? Explain.
7. What other "facts" are included about his death?

After you all have finished researching, your team will meet and analyze your research just like a team of detectives!!