Teacher Directions

Some Thoughts about this WebQuest

This WebQuest was designed as a project for a Master's course at Illinois State University, Normal, Illinois. The course, Curriculum & Instruction 403 was taught by Dr. Joseph A. Braun. As teachers we have more and more demands placed on us. We are saturated with state standards, benchmarks, goals, and outcomes while trying to incorporate critical thinking, cooperative learning, authentic assessment, and technology integration into our curriculum. As Tom March states in his online article, Why WebQuests?, "WebQuests were designed to address this dilemma (the dilemma of incorporating these topics into today's crowded curriculum) by bringing together the most effective instructional practices into one integrated activity." I think a WebQuest is an excellent means of harnessing the Internet and making its best available to students. Good luck with your WebQuest.

Technical Requirements

This WebQuest is best viewed with Netscape Navigator 4.0 or greater with JavaScript enabled. The Java Applets should work with both Netscape and Internet Explorer.

Teacher Directions

It would save time and your ink cartridge if you printed out a copy of these pages and then made copies for the students.

Hidden Elements

I have included some hidden elements that will keep students busy if they finish before the rest of their group. The fun facts can be shown by clicking on the images on the tomb wall and the two sphinxs in the middle of the page. There is a completely invisible link on the tomb wall by question number 7. Watch for the cursor to turn to a hand and click. Ask the students if they have found the Tut mask reflected in the water!

How to Submit Outcomes

If you are using Netscape Navigator: In order to edit the outcomes page and add your information do the following:
  • Click on File on the top toolbar
  • Select Edit Page
You will now be able to fill in the blanks and add the results of your research to the bottom of the page. When you are finished
completing this page select File/Save As, name the file quest.html and save it locally (on your desktop, or C drive). Email me at mdecker@pekin.net and attach the html file. Don't worry if the graphics have disappeared I will add them
to your page. As an alternative, just put your essay in a Word document and email your results to me at mdecker@pekin.net
If you are using Internet Explorer:Save your outcomes page to your desktop or a floppy disk. You can open the outcomes page with any html editor, edit the page, save it, and have your teacher email it as an attachment to wash@pekin.net. Don't worry that the graphics will be missing, I will add them back on to the page. As an alternative, just put your essay in a Word document and have your teacher email your results to me at mdecker@pekin.net

I have the essays of the students from Washington Intermediate School in Pekin, Illinois online. If you would like to see examples of the students' work click on these results, Group 1, Group 2, Group 3, Group 4, Group 5.
Students in Towoomba, Australia sent us their results. The essays and pictures are great!
I received these essays February 11, 2003 from Donegal Middle School in Pennsylvania. Wow! These are great!
Hope to hear from you!